Training your puppy

Training your puppyOne of the most important things to do when you get a puppy is to train him or her. There are some different types of training you will have to go through including house training and obedience training, but for this post we will be focusing on house training. House training is extremely important because it is how you are going to prevent your puppy from having accidents in your home. House training is a fairly simple process, but it must be carried out correctly and you must remain patient in order to get the best results. The two most important things to remember are to prevent accidents through confinement and supervision as well as to take your puppy out frequently. Also, don’t let them get up on the beds or you will eventually have to call a mattress disposal service.

Confinement and supervision

Confinement is necessary in order to make sure that your puppy does not soil your carpets or get any fleas or ticks outdoors. The latter is usually an easy fix by hiring a pest control service in birmingham, alabama. It is not a big deal if your little ball of fluff has an accident on your tiles or hardwood floors because it is easy to clean up. If your puppy has an accident on your carpets, however, then you will have a difficult time trying to get the smell and the stain out. If your puppy is confined to a small space, then you can also take other measures to prevent bad accidents. One thing you can do is lay out “pee pads” within the confined area. These pads have a scent in them that makes it more likely for a puppy (or a dog) to choose to pee on them rather than anywhere else in your home.

Supervision is an obvious way to prevent your puppy from having an accident in your home. If you are there, then you can make sure that when your little guy or girl is acting strangely, you can let him or her out to take care of things. Additionally, you can make sure that your puppy is not wandering off into any rooms that you do not want it to be in.

Taking your puppy out regularly

Puppies have small bladders, and they do not have complete control over their bladders when they are young (much like babies and toddlers). In addition to low levels of bladder control, puppies must also learn where it is okay to go to the bathroom. When you take your puppy out you should use specific words to instruct them to go to the bathroom. A lot of people will choose to tell their puppies to “go potty.” Your puppy will not have to go every time you take him or her out, but it is important to make sure that you give it some time to go to the bathroom. Every time your puppy goes to the bathroom, you should give them a treat for a reward as soon as you can. Positive reinforcement will help your puppy understand that outside is the right place to go to the bathroom. Be careful with punishing your puppy because some dogs will have very negative responses to being punished.

Factors When Choosing the Best Horse Barn For You


There comes a time in a true horse lover’s life when they want to learn to ride a horse. Maybe they even want to own a horse. So the first thing you want to do is find a solid location to fulfill these needs. That is when the process of choosing a horse barn comes into play.

Horse barns are some big operations, so naturally there are many factors that play into making an ideal place to keep or train with your horse. We need to look at the big picture as well as analyze the little things that go into making a great horse barn. Let’s take a look. 

Quality of Care

When you look at a horse barn, the first thing to be looked at is how the horses are cared for. A horse barn can really only be as good as the horses it keeps, so it’s best to take a day or two to check out the operations of a given barn. What are the horses being fed? What are their living conditions in the classic equine horse stalls? How often and at what intensity are they trained and used for riding. These are all great questions that should be going through your mind at all times when surveying a potential horse barn.


The ones in charge of the barn should know a thing or two about horses, wouldn’t you say? If there is great ownership of a barn, then you can be sure that your horse will be taken care of well. It’s good to see if the owner knows his or her share of how to care for and train horses. If you know more than them it’s not a very good sign. Always take ownership into account and make sure you are comfortable with training and keeping your horse there. 


For horse owners, the facilities run hand in hand with quality of care. But sometimes, we may want a smaller barn and some people may want a state of the art horse barn. It all depends on your preference. Know what you are looking for in a horse barn before you go looking.

If you love riding, it goes without saying that you should be looking for the most well rounded tracks and training grounds. Figure out which facilities will make you a better rider, and which will train your horse the best in the long run.

Other Factors

Some other things to consider are factors such as location, on site medical services, and the surrounding area. Is the barn in a convenient location? How is the weather there? Is there a top notch veterinarian on site at all times? What is the surrounding community like? Is the place always free of debris where our partners at can help?  Always try to take every factor into consideration in your decision.

Usually when someone chooses a barn, they make a long-term decision. While we aren’t choosing a husband or wife here, this is very important for the future of your horse and your riding career, so choose wisely out there!